Got a Stump to Grind?

Got a Stump to Grind?

We offer stump grinding service in the New Richmond, OH area

You don't have to put up with an ugly stump in your yard. The stump removal specialists at Haul-A-Way Services are experienced at removing stumps from yards in New Richmond, OH and surrounding areas.

When you call us for stump grinding service, you can rest assured that your yard will look better than before when we're done. We'll completely remove the stump and clean up the debris.

Improve the appearance of your yard by contacting us today.

Tree stumps can harm your yard

If you recently removed a tree from your yard and the stump is still there, call us for stump removal service. Tree stumps can hurt more than just your curb appeal.

A tree stump that's left behind will:

Pose a safety hazard. Stumps put you at risk of tripping.
Cause new sprouts to grow. You removed that tree for a reason, and you may not want another one growing there.
Attract bugs. A decaying tree stump is a lure for pests like beetles and termites.

The tree specialists at Haul-A-Way Services offers stump grinding service to New Richmond, OH area residents. Call us now for a free estimate 513-442-9078.